Help Wanted. Volunteer message board moderators of non-members wanted.

Thought the same about you for along time.

Your mindless mean spirited on Ken were always uncalled for.

Oh I see…So it was wrong for me to defend myself and my business practices, when he was out there bad-mouthing me.

Typical, you only hear one side of the story and then make judgements. :roll:

BTW, Ken is still a grown man looking for attention, creating stories and events to get that attention. His story is a sad story.

As I recall, I encouraged both of you to take it private.

Touche, I ***encourage ***you to take your religious and political crap private. :mrgreen:

Have a *blessed *day!

I vote to make the entire message board private to members only! If they want to continually come here, then they should pay dues.


Great idea except for one thing.

We have an area of the MB specifically for those topics.

You don’t have to go view it.
Your choice.

That’s why it’s called “Not for Everyone”

Apparently you qualify.:roll:

Just don’t shut out our helpful non-members experts, especially the ones that frequent the Electrical section …

You are pathetic…do you really think I want attention from the likes of you? Now you need to name one story or event that I have made up. Boy…you must really think you are somebody…if you think I will lie to get attention from wimps like you. I do my best to ignore your sorry *****, but as usual, you have to run your mouth and start it up again. Back up your stupid accusations jerk…I’m waiting.
P.S. Can I have your autograph? :roll:

The Beginning of the End.

I believe I saw this some where. :wink:

Judge and Jury, from the Kangaroo Court System.

Good luck guys in thinking the non-Members is the problem.

We have lost some good Members and we are faced with loosing more with this childish antic to elect a volunteer department to ebolish the harming posts.

Define the harm, hell all you have to do is keep you mouth shut and eat a few words.

No, the ego has to take over.

Start to moderate the Members if moderation if required.

That is where the problem is.

Hell, most of these non-members have contributed tons of good info, until some loud mouth Member steps in.

Most of the time, it is the Members that start the fude in the first place only because the non-member is talking in technical terms and the Member dose not agree.

Hell, I don’t agree with what the Government is saying either, but do I make a fuss that I need to be moderated?

I agree, non-members should pay the membership to be here in the first place, Ah, Bingo. Problem solved.

Now it will be to moderate just Members Right?
Now we got another problem, or is the problem gone?

We have a message board here that is full of friends, and unfortunately, it is not INACHI, everyone behaves and get along.

Now why can’t we do it here without moderation.

Act as respectable people and don’t speak your mind before it has been evaluated and in other words, eat your words in your mind before you speak or type and it will be well rewarded.

Marcel :):smiley:

Quite eloquent for an Old French guy Marcel. :smiley: Well said

Unfortunately that has not always been the case, in the not so distant past and mostly out of the blue religious messages would appear without request, warning or relevance to the section topic.

The religious threads garner the most derision when placed willy-nilly throughout the message board but when kept sequestered in the “Not for Everyone” section (with the the longest running thread entitled “Jokes”) there seems to be little issue.

To get back on track, this thread is looking for volunteer moderators.

Personally, I think that if anyone volunteers to be a moderator they should be automatically excluded from the process. :wink:

Tongue in cheek, I volunteer and have substantial experience doing so, but, who would moderate my moderations since I can not see my posts until they are now moderated?


Now, just so I repeat myself from another thread…

This rule will definitely reduce or eliminate many potential good quality posters from desiring to take part in valuable discussions

The rest is a copy/paste from the Non-Members can still post on this board thread:

What I don’t get about the new rule, is what does it prevent?

If someone were to post Spam or Inflammatory Remarks, then other members would hit the Report Post Icon to report it to the moderators immediately. Thats when a post should deserve moderation.

I see this as increasing the moderating tasks more than assisting in the duties to diminish their work load.

I know first hand, because I moderate on which has over 40,000 members and which has over 45,000 members and several Roofing related sites. If I had to add Moving Approved Posts to the duties, I wouldn’t have time to keep up.

I just try to offer practical real world experience commentary to assist those that run into typical situations, but have not actually done the roofing or ventilation tasks before themselves.

I don’t know how long it took to get posted. The one answer to another thread and this question both were not available for me to see, so I left the forum last night to wait for the response to this question.

It sucks the wind out of the continuity of a discussion, like one thread which requested questions to be considered for a roofing guide book. I never would have posted more than one situation, had I not gotten instant response and feedback.

I am sure you put some thought into this action, but it probably had more to do with inflammatory posters, which I do not consider myself to be.

See if you guys in charge can reconsider that rule please. As diplomatically as this statement can be said, this rule Sucks, in my own humble opinion.

Or, the very least, have an option for a gratis affiliate membership for posters considered worthwhile to have on board, since I do not plan on opening up a Home Inspection business to compete with you guys. Maybe some sort of probationary status for an unknown personality new to posting on this site could be considered.

Does that seem reasonable to you?


I suggested that members should vote on which non members were welcome here instead of moderation, but nobody was interested. So this is what we got.

Probably because that would kill the growth of NACHI.

After the current helpful non-members, then what?
How would you “vote” on a new registrant who has zero posts? :roll:

The…“Clear To Me, But Possibly Not The Powers That Be” method would be to have moderators on standby, who are regular daily participants and have a history of not being provocative or inflammatory, yet also conveys the knowledge they have accumulated over the years in a non-demeaning and practical and insightful manner to disperse that acquired knowledge willingly and openly, without bias.

Once a “Troll” is posting, whether they be a first time poster or an overly abrasive long term member, then the membership at large should be charged with the discipline to Act and Report the offensive presence immediately upon discovery of objectionable content or attacks.

It is then, that the Moderator uses common sense and their unbiased and non-judgmental opinions to assess whether or not the post either merits editing, a PM to the violator of the site terms, an infraction, a deletion of the post, a temporary to be determined length of time ban, or a complete ouster from the forum membership rank and file.

The choice of a moderator with a balanced viewpoint and not a Gestapo like presumed authority run rampant would tend to be the preferred candidate. Being too trigger happy or conversely, being slow to unseat their hands to make moderations when necessary should be viewed, opined and acted upon by the administrator.

So, in the truest form, the moderators are only the fingers providing the actions of what the memberships eyes have unitedly reported.

The forum membership is the desirable first point of moderation, but for that to prevail, the true Terms Of Service and knowing where the line is that may be crossed needs to not only be determined, but vigilantly promoted and maintained.

The Death of a Forum, is when the membership feels that their voice is not heard and that their needs and opinions are not validated, as only the Head Master in control has any authority.

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

Please accept these comments, not as a jab from an outsider member, but moreso, from one who foresees the inevitable consequences of haphazard elitist rules and censorship, even to the slightest degree. No personal animosity is intended to be read into these comments, as I have enjoyed my former discussions with many learned members on this site and desire to continue to do so in the future.


WTF ever gave you the idea that NACHI was a democracy?

No voting on new members who want to join. just on the helpful non members and the ones who just come to cause trouble and bash nachi. Real simple, no moderation needed.

O.K. you’re right, not a democracy, the owner says moderation now, so live with it or say bye. Happy now?

You might be surprised to see how many say bye. :shock: