Help Wanted.

Milwaukee, WI. Established Home Inspection Co. looking for seasonal help, experience preferred, pays $50.00 per inspection, up to 50% 50% upon completion of trial run, looking for someone to take over business eventually.

Good luck with that!:shock:

Wow, Wisconsin doesn’t pay much.

He must have meant per hour.

Paul, we don’t have to charge as much because we have a Republican Gov. Life is good in Wisconsin.

Hey John, I am Wisconsin License number 3017-106, got that Wednesday. Scott Walker signed my certificate.

So, can I have a cheese wedge hat now?

So when you travel have less to spend as well.
Here we have high taxes but our Downtown is alive ,and earn more to pay for it all but when we travel to Wisconsin it is like when others go to Alibaba to purchase sale items.:slight_smile:

Plus we do not have to put up with a Republican Governor…Oooops never mind.

Stop your political BS on most every post.
Your past governor reflects the area- he’s in prison!