HELP! What do you call a GFCI outlet technically?

A GFCI? A GFCI outlet? A GFCI receptacle? A GFCI protecte receptacle? What?

GFCI Outlet or GFCI receptacle

Leviton calls it a GFCI receptacle.

GFCI Outlet or GFCI receptacle

“Outlet” is not technically correct.

GFCI protected receptacle

A GFCI protected receptacle describes an ordinary receptacle wired on the load side of a GFCI receptacle.

The actual device which contains the GFCI protective circuits and is also a receptacle is just a “GFCI receptacle”.

In instances where the UL refers to this device, they nearly always refer to it with this specific language: “…a ground-fault circuit-interrupting (GFCI) receptacle.”

A GFCI receptacle or device. A GFCI outlet could mean any outlet down stream from the device or GFCI breaker.