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Hello InterNACHI family!
I just received an email from a construction company that will be building a Starbucks down the street from my house. I need help with asking the right questions to figure out how much I should be charging per visit. This is the question that I was sent:

Would you be interested in doing monthly visits to the site to verify the work being completed? There would be no reporting involved. I would just need you to take photographs and provide brief descriptions. If so, what would the cost be?

Thanks for your input guys and gals!

Will it be a free standing build?

That’s reporting :wink:


Expect them to pay somewhere between $25.00 and $450.00. Like Brian referred to, there is always a bit more to it than what they first tell you.


Sounds more like a progress/timeline update or draw inspection. Maybe the GC is out of state and wants a 3rd party to review a sub contractor’s progress?

That’s what my thoughts were exactly Brian!! :rofl::rofl:


Sounds like a “Draw” or progress inspection. They are simple! You meet the contractor, ask if everything is going OK or if they have any problems, etc. Then take about 20 pictures. Most likely around 4-6 visits for a Starbucks. If it was local(within 50 miles) I would be at $375 to $425 depending on the total loan amount.


The biggest cost to most of us for draw/progress inspections seems to be travel so if it’s convenient that’s a major plus. Some guys on here swear they get $500/inspection but they are the same guys that always catch a 40# Bass. Most times the inspection is super-quick so decide what it’s worth to you to drive down the street, take a couple pictures and upload them.


@mfellman and @spatterson5, thanks for the awesome feedback guys! It’s literally down the street from my house. She said it would only be one visit per month.

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I don’t fish.

In re-reading my post I realize I probably came off a bit snarky. I really didn’t mean it but wanted to point out that most draw inspection type things pay pretty low… like less $100/stop. I know some guys on here have found some lucrative avenues but wanted to let OP know that’s not the norm. Fwiw… I don’t fish either and don’t even know if a 40# Bass would be an exaggeration… was just guessing it would be :slight_smile:


You don’t realize how little some companies pay for draw inspections until you get with a company that pays extremely well. It is the same for condition checks.


I almost chased them away by giving them my ‘base inspector pricing’. Their budget is $150 per visit and also stated it would be several months before she gets back to me. This is definitely a great learning experience for me! I really appreciate all the great and spot on feedback!!

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