Help with becoming an Apprentice.

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Home Inspectors:

I passed the online Inspectors Test for NACHI, largely in part due to my construction background, but I don't have any experience at Home Inspecting.

I was interested in becoming an apprentice with a local company, and was wondering if anyone here has ever done such a thing, and do you have any advice or feedback on the whole idea? Also, what is it like to be an apprentice, what should I expect?

I have already learned about which local Company to inquire about becoming an apprentice, I just need some advice on being an apprentice, and what to expect by the way.

Thank you now for any comments you might post.

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Gale, welcome to NACHI…The best suggestion I can give you from Pa is Look in in your area and call each inspector and ask them if they can help you, also tell them where you got their number and your intrest in NACHI…good luck

Ken Papp

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