Help with callbacks and complaint resolution

Hi, Hope you all are doing well.

I thought I remember seeing NACHI (or from somewhere else) advertise an affiliate who helps with calling clients back who have an issue with the home inspection?

Maybe this company was an attorney or insurance provider seem like they were on the East Coast somewhere but I can’t remember.

Just wondering if you have any recommendations on the third party service who can intelligently talk to customers about complaints other than my insurance company.

I’ve got five inspectors and.l I did have an operations manager who handled them but now it’s back to me the and I don’t particularly like dealing with them or calling them back and was wanting to see what you all recommend for doing this or if you remember that referral source so I can get a hold of them.

Thanks for help and have a great day!


Joe Ferry, “The Home Inspector Lawyer” is probably who you are thinking about

I’ve had a few classes from Joe and he’s entertaining and may be helpful in some cases. It seems his entire routine is to blame the sellers no matter how bad an inspector blew it.

Some insurance companies offer “pre-claims” assistance which is nice. As a multi-inspector owner I’ve always dealt with it myself as I really don’t trust anyone else. Of course, I don’t like it either but it’s a necessary evil of this industry.


Ditto! :+1: