Help with Dryvit Exterior

I have a full home inspection on Thursday and the listing has the exterior as dryvit. I know there has been issues with this type of exterior and special training is needed to inspect it. I was wanting to know how all of you handled this type of exterior inspection and maybe some tips on how to write the comments in my report to cover myself. Thank you in advance for your help.

Determine if it is barrier or flashing based.
If barrier based notate any openings.

Describe what you see and recommend IR scan and EIFS specialist to follow up.

Go to exterior design Institute for a list of guys.

Spend tommorrow and watch nachi tv on eifs.

Main points to look for:
Gutter ends, and lack of kickouts (espewcially ones that terminate into side walls)
lack of visible flashing or sections of stucco touching the shingles.
Touching the ground or concrete surfaces
lack of caulking around windows and doors

If you suspect water is behind it somewhere, the crawlspace is always the tell tale signs. I have found sections wet in the subfloor from leaking walls.

when all else fails recommend additional eifs inspection, especially if you find any, any, areas of concern.