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Hello everyone,

I have been reading as much information as I can and have finally decided to ask for some guidance.

I am an environmental director for a small native american tribe. We have received grant funds to perform energy audits for tribal members and then perform cost effective upgrades. I am planning on attending the everblue energy BPI training in the near future. My question is about equipment selection. I plan on purchasing a thermal imager and blower door and need guidance. I want to get the best equipment for our purpose, but want to save as much money as possible for the actual weatherization of the homes. Suggestions on a combination of imager and blower door would be appreciated. Your reasoning would also be appreciated since I need to be able to justify my choice of 1 piece over another especially if the chosen piece of equipment is significantly more expensive. Thanks in advance for your help.

You might want to do your training first, unless you are under some sort of time constraints. I believe EverBlue does BPI training, you will need more than just the blower door for a BPI audit. Infrared is actually optional, but highly recommended. Normally a supplier will offer kits that are cheaper to buy all at once, rather than buying each individual piece of equipment. After your training, you will have a better idea of what equipment you will need.

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Agreed Train first