Help with first agreement

So I planned my first home inspection but confused on what to put for the liquidation fee or do I not need that because it is optional

Hi Steven,

I want to tag @lkage to help with your question, since a lot of convention approvals are coming in and I don’t want your question to get buried.

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I’m sure YOU are better to answer his question.m The question is, will you or the dean?

@kpassarelli Yeah, Michael doesn’t want this to get buried either:

This video may answer your question. According to the video, 3-5 times your normal rate.

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I hope you are not writing your own agreement. Check with your insurance provider, they will or should have one made specifically for your state. I think InterNACHI even has one somewhere for its members.

Thank you so much !!

Most common amount is the fee paid but there’s tons of variation. Some states don’t allow Limitation of Liability clauses so you’re best off researching your area. As others have said, check with your E/O provider.