Help with furnace ages??

Can anybody help me with the ages on these 2 furnaces?

Hallmark S#830791
Brentwood S#M320204

Thank you.

Do you have model #'s for the units. neither Halmark or Brentwood come up in Carrier’d Blue book. the model # xref will help, maybe these are retaged units

Why do you NEED the age of a furnace??

My info gives me July 1983 for the Hallmark, and December 1973 for the Brentwood.

Thank you guys,

For a double check, the model #'s are:

Which is which Russel? and Congrats on the position.


Which is which Russel?

Sorry Russel, I am still waking up, long night.

I have no idea. I don’t do model numbers, only manufacturer names and serial numbers.