Help with identifying vent material

Vent for GFAF and WH, vent is likely original to house, circa 1955. New roof, junction below roof likely dislodged by roofers. At the dislodged junction there is an inner pipe that appears to a “transite” type material surrounded by a layer (back arrow) of “corrugated cardboard” like white material that appears similar to the asbestos material used to insulate pipes in hot water systems. Exterior pipe in attic is about 12" in diameter, no marking I could see -very difficult access.

This material/installation is new to me, and looks more like a manufactured chimney for a SFBA than anything else I’ve seen.

  1. What am I looking at here?

  2. Other than the obvious recommendation to inspect and reconnect, what should I be observing/inspecting/reporting? (For one thing, the vent’s cross-section awfully large to me for the attached appliances.)



Looks like an asbestos liner surrounded by vent connectors.

If it looks like a gray clay material, it’s most likely an asbestos chimney.

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Certainly looks like 40’s era Metalbestos. Somewhat common on slap and dash post-war housing in the northeast.

Gotta remember that one. :stuck_out_tongue: