Help with narrative please

I am in Texas. TREC is my licensing agency. This house was built in 1992. Is this acceptable? Do I have my dates right: 2002 circuits supplying same yoke; 2006 all MWBC circuits? Narrative:

I am required by the TREC SOP to report as deficient the absence of handle-ties on multi-wire branch circuits (MWBC’s). Although I did not find any identified MWBC’s in the panel, I did note that there were many more 120-volt “hot” wires than neutral wires, which suggests that MWBC’s were present. An electrician would have to further evaluate (trace) individual circuits and if MWBC’s were present, he would have to relocate breakers so that they would be adjacent to each other so that handle-ties could be installed. The requirement to do this was not formally listed in the national code until 2002 for certain MWBC’s and 2006 for all MWBC’s.

The wording for handle ties or multipole CB’s on the same yoke requirement first appeared in the 1981 NEC and the MWBC requirement first appeared in the 2008 NEC.

Thank you Robert.