Help with National test study

So here I am again. Failed the National exam for the second time.
As I understand it we as Home Inspectors are NOT required to inspect Pools and spas. If that is the case I’m wondering why there were 11 questions pertaining to swimming pools and 13 questions pertaining to hot tubs/spas. I can’t seem to find the right study material for the National Exam. Can anyone help?

Because it is a** NATIONAL** exam, not a local exam.

figured as much. Unfortunately New Hampshire does NOT have a “state exam” and requires you pass the National Exam in order to get a license. NH… ugh

For anyone that does need the National Exam in order to practice as a CPI, I found “THE” study book from the National Exam site for $98.00. 635 pages worth and supposedly the National Exam comes directly from that book. I just purchased it. Assuming that I will pass the exam after studying this book, I will make it available for anyone else

Hi Nick, and thank you. I did just take the internachi exam you listed and received an 87. The national test is just more difficult I guess. in any event, I purchased the National BOOK for $98 bucks ( like the first two test fees wasn’t enough for them! LOL) I will study from this book as they advised the National Exam is taken directly from the info in this book. Thanks again, and I’ll let you know how it turns out! 3rd time is a charm right?! LOL Maybe we’ll just move to another state! LOL

If you do make your books available, please let me know I am looking to take the exam here soonish. Thanks.

Rachel, yes no problem. I won’t get the book for about another 5 days. I plan on studying for a month then take the exam. assuming I pass I’ll be happy to get you the book.