Help with oklahoma code

I had ******* out to my house to clean the dryer vent, they fell through my ceilings and caused alot of damage. After duck taping and putting sheet metal screws in the dryer vent in the attic, he told me it was fixed. My ac guy was out for a different issue and said that is not ok because it is a fire hazard because the screws trap lint and it can cause a fire, makes sense. He replaced it with a new dryer vent. He said the code was M1502. I am now having to take this guy to small claims because he is telling me this is incorrect. Please tell me this IS the code in Oklahoma? I couldnt find anything state specific online.
Thank you so much

Everyone ignore. She’s posting in multiple locations.

Please don’t ignore. She accidentally posted twice because she (I) didn’t realize what I was doing on this site. Seriously dude? I need help with a legitimate problem!

I posted both, these are valid! Whey are doing that? I really need these answers as I’m going to court.