Help with panel and wire overheating.

That’s what I see as well.

Three conductors are visible at the bottom-right of the trailer panel (at the disconnect), and the egc is on the left side with the stripe on it.

I blew up the picture and see that the bottom wire was over-torqued (flattened).

This got very hot (arching is 2,000 degrees (+)).

It heated the wires above. May have caused them to overheat because of the thermal runaway.

You can see where the hottest temps were to the left of the buss bar and behind the lower wire to the right…

Marcel, First saw these panels in the 90’s when I was working in an industrial/commercial environment. Did not like them then and do not like them now. Every time I see one I say something nasty under my breath because I know the panel cover removal is a pain. I also worry about getting the cover lined up and back on correctly. This panel style deserved to be cancelled.

Yeah, thanks Jeff, I see it now.

David, that is possible, because I looked to see if the screws were loose and saw how tight they were.

In any case, I recommended and electrician to repair.

And talk about a hard a ss panel front to put back.