Help with Samsung age

Looking for the age of a Samsung split a/c unit:

Model # UM26A1C2

Serial # P1BT400033

Thanks in advance.

Why does everyone need to know the exact age. Sometimes it is possible to tell from the age of the house and by looking at the age of the system.

No idea. Try here:

William -

(1) The client asked for the age of the unit. (2) I have developed a good catalog of information in regard to dating equipment and appliances to the point that I’m nearly self sufficent. Samsung is one company in which I have no information on. Apparently no one else does either.

The system in question was installed on a Victorian, Queen Anne style home from 1895.

Good answer - because units of this type are often installed during a single room remodel, it’s age likely has nothing to do with the age of the home.