Help with submitting state application/documentation

I live in KY. I have all my paperwork completed (schooling, NHIE exam results, background checks, proof of ins.) and ready to go out, less the copy of a home inspection report (paper-only with no pictures). Will the InterNACHI Home Inspection Checklist suffice as a report? I’m using Spectora as my software, so should I just print one without phots/videos? May sound like a dumb question, but a dumb question would be the one not asked!

How come you do not have pictures? (video is not necessary) especially since you are using Spectora? did you perform the actual inspections? You should practice creating a report you would submit to a client. If you submit a checklist as your report to a client, that may not get you far.

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I’m going to use Spectora as my software for creating inspection reports for delivery to clients. I just have to submit a mock/unpaid inspection to the state (KBHI) for licensing purposes. They requested no pics/vids.

Gotcha, you’ll have to wait for someone from KY to respond. We don’t have such requirement in my state. Meanwhile, I would try to contact the state directly and ask them (the phone # is right on their website That’s the best IMO. I thought you were referring to NACHI mock-ups to get certified.

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This should work.

Members use InterNACHI’s Basic Home Inspection Checklist for submitting mock inspection reports to fulfill the home inspector certification requirements.

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