Help with thermal image from encapsulated crawlspace

Absolutely NOT me!!



Has anyone noticed that the Delta-T is only 3 degrees F in this colorful picture? (maybe)…

Any thoughts?


Must be moisture on those register vents when the AC is on.

Maybe not, with a dehumidifier in there.

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Point being, cooler is blue but doesn’t necessarily mean moisture. I’m with you there. :wink:

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Thank you David for taking a deep look at the image. I think this is the side I noticed a big deep that was not that big before. As if washout but looking under the vapor barrier the soil is just clay and rocks.

Those are the the only pictures. I don’t have any better pictures.

Yes we opened the basin no odor at all…

Water intrusion is not obvious in a crawlspace.
There is only a 3 degree Delta-T and the dew-point does not allow much evaporation to make that Delta-T.

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