Help With This Tank Setup

Can someone help me understand this configuration. The white tank is a “warming tank”. The hot water exits the water heater and goes into this tank. The water then is distributed to the home from this holding tank. So many things here.

My question is… Why is there a flex duct attached to the GFA heating duct? What is the purpose of it? That specific heating duct supplies the kitchen above.

When I ran the HOT water throughout the home I found that it was contaminated. (Cold water was fine) I’m guessing that this is due to the 30 year old water heater that is original to the home but could it have something to do with this tank configuration to a heating duct?

You have the manufacturer of the warming tank?

Particulates in water can come from many sources, piping, tanks, wells, municipal water supply etc.

No label on the tank. It also had been painted. Any thoughts for the attachment to the HVAC system?

Hard to imagine what they might be thinking with that set-up. Assuming everything is intact inside the tank, the HVAC connection is probably not the source of the contamination.

Thanks Ryan. I’m figuring the contamination is from the Water Heater but the HVAC thing is got me scratching my head.

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Is it a supply, or a return duct?

Supply Duct

May have been a half-assed attempt to harvest some heat from the water, but that will not work in that configuration. Or may have been an uneducated attempt at adding humidity, with the owner not knowing that the water will not be exposed to the supply air.

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Didn’t think of the humidity aspect. Maybe??

Might have been their thinking but that will not work at all in this arrangement.


Is the warming tank connected to a typical water heater?

The tank is connected to a standard Gas water heater from 1991. A.O. Smith

Thanks. I’ve seen a heat pump type water heat with similar connections that you have. But it wasn’t a warming tank. I’ve never seen anything like what you have. Too bad you couldn’t get the model number of the tank

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Looks like the homeowner was trying to save on the hot water bill and designed his owne type of system. List is as a DIY water heater and recommend having a qualified plumbing professional evaluate and correct as needed.