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Connecting two wires in a terminal is commonly called “double lugging.” It is not allowed unless the terminal or equipment installation instructions specifically state that it is permissible to connect two (or more) conductors to one terminal. The lugs at the bottom of this safety switch are not going to be the correct type for two conductors.

The conductors also look way too small for the size of fuses. This is OK if these conductors terminate at a breaker or another set of fuses that do not exceed the ampacity of the conductors and there is not more than 25 feet of conductor involved (per phase).

What are these conductors feeding? The reason I ask is that there is no neutral conductor being run in the conduit with the phase conductors. This is OK if only 240 volt loads are being powered, but if these are feeding 120 volt loads also, there is a big time problem.

Also, the bottom left conduit looks like it might be plastic, if it is, there needs to be an equipment grounding conductor installed in that conduit. If the conduit is metal, then the fitting needs an insulating bushing installed. Same goes for the conduit at the top.