Help with type of water supply valve

2015 timber frame construction.
PEX plumbing supply tubing.

Help required.
Never ran across this type of main water supply valve of restrictor before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Robert it looks like a dual check valve.

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I concur, seeing it was PEX and there were no water hammer arrestors, but there was no label.
Thanks Martin.

Robert I believe it is a generic or Apollo brand but yes they usually will have a name tag on them. I installed about 300 a year when I did residential work in the 90s. I only installed Watts dual checks. PEX or copper it doesn’t matter they both get a check valve if the city requires it you will never see a hammer arrester near these and most homes of that era don’t have hammer arrestors.

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Thank you.
A rarity in my area.
Much appreciated.


You’re welcome Robert. This is the device that triggers the water heater expansion tank requirement or thermal expansion valve.

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I realize that. As explained. There was PEX and there were no water hammer arrestors. Most times drywall impedes visibility.
Keep well.