Help With Valves!

Today I ran into a Gate Valve that is usually used on water supply lines but was installed on a Natural Gas supply line to a Furnace.:roll:

I have never come across this, and I need some help with a reference for this. I Hope the links below came out ok for the pic upload.



Dan, the pics are too small to see detail. If WOG is stamped or cast into the valve then it is rated for Water Oil and Gas.


Thanks Tim, Sorry for the size of the pics.

You can preview NFPA 54 fuel gas systems here:


Personal opinion on this… Stupid… but that is just me… Think of how many turns it would take to shut off the gas… In an emergency situation. Also you would have to think the issues with the stem leaking… Give me a ball valve anyday for gas.

Patrick -

Ball valves have stems too!


No argument from me Tim on that, but I would rather have a half turn to shut off gas then 5 to 10 turns…:wink:

Point taken.


I have had to close Threaded Gate Valves for Gas (Hydrogen and Fuel) Isolation in Emergency situations that were 24" to 36".

In an Emergency, it seemed like an Eernity. Scary part is that it could have been.:shock:

WOW… Joseph!!
A super white knuckle scenario!!

Friend of mine was working in a lab that used Hydrogen ( positive pressure atmosphere in the lab) for a scientific research. He was always telling me the nightmares trying to seal pipes , joints and valves… I could only imagine what would have happened if “things” went “bad”…BOOM!