Help with walkout cracks

Hi Everyone,

I purchased my home about 4 years ago and had a structural engineer inspect the home. At the time there was a small crack on one cinder block and he informed them to re-bar it and fill it with cement.

The wall was there when I purchased the home but the stairs where not done as the home was partially finished. The other side of each wall has what looks like waterproofing.

I had the outside parged shortly after poring the stairs and painted it with outside paint. About 1 year later 3 years ago the crack formed and the e-florecents showed up. I was told the e-florecence are from the lack of light reaching the walkout, crappy paint and fact I did not seal the block was the reason.
The crack on the top was there from day 1 just seems a little larger

Inside there are no cracks and no water.

Just wondering how concerned I should be about this and how this would be fixed?

Thanks John

Did you follow the engineer’s advice?

Subsidence maybe.

We did but it was just for that one row not every column.

Thanks John