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So I was asked to do a well inspection so I started the well class on InterNACHI. I felt the well inspection to be very in depth. I also thought that inspecting a well took a good amount of time. Are those two statements accurate?

My question is: Do you charge a separate fee to inspect the well system? Do you separate the well inspection from the main inspection report? I use Spectora software and have not seen much mention of any templates built for wells.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Yes, charge a separate fee.

Call a state certified water testing laboratory in your area and ask the how they handle other home inspectors taking samples to bring to them. Typically, they have a protocol sheet that explains how to take the samples and how to store them before delivery to the lab.

They will also tell you what is typically tested for the area you are in and give you bottles encased in form fit styrofoam to transport the samples.

They are usually very helpful because you are bringing them business. Ask for extra sets of bottles for future testing. I kept 6 to 8 sets all the time and picked up more as I dropped them off.

Good luck.

I had one sampling that cost the client $1,700.00 to test. She was type A personality and there was an old dump and uniform cleaning business with in 1 mile or so.

Good information Larry.

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Well inspections do take some time. Typically, you’ll run the water for a couple of hours and measure the gallons per minute periodically throughout the course of running the water.

I separate the reports. 1 for the main inspection and another for the well. I use Spectora as well. I thought I saw a well template in there but I may be mistaken. I created my own PDF template. If you’re interested, send me a message and I’ll send it to you


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First you have to determine if they actually want a true well test or they just need a water quality test because they have a well. Vast differences between the two both in time and cost.


Most times, No. The free is combined with the home inspection fee.
When there is a well the plumbing system will have several components you do not see as compared to potable domestic water supply.
1: The Well Pump. Ask the owner for disclosure.
2: Well casing.
3: Well Cap.
4: Plumbing line from the well.
5: Storage/Pressure Tank.
6: Pump.
7: Pressure gauge.
8: Shut off valve.
9: Bleeder valve or hose bib.
10: Plumbing pipes.
Takes >< 5 minutes to observe and roughly report any deficient items.

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Just trying to do my part and help where I can!

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what a great act of kindness. thanks so much. I will send you a message soon.

Agree. I am good with the water test. Simple.

First step is to determine what the client means by a well inspection. I have found that the term “well inspection” means different things to different people. I perform a visual inspection of the well system components as part of my standard residential inspection. This does not involve removing the cover to the well. My inspection is consistent with what Robert Young referred to in his comment. This satisfies the needs of many clients. For those who want, need or expect more information, I can determine the well flow rate, recovery rate, inspect the wiring to the well pump, determine well depth, inspect the interior of the well casing visible from the top of the casing, and more. I also chlorinate/disinfect well systems if there is the need. If inspection is visual only inspection of well system components there is no additional charge. If the client wants additional information there is a fee dependent on what they want done and how much time I expect it will take to perform the additional inspection. I use HomeGauge and have a section in my report template for residential inspections on the well system. I also perform stand alone well system inspections and have developed a separate template for well system inspections.

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Ryan, Would you mind sending me your well template? Very appreciated

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Thanks Larry,
I am definitely learning a lot by reading up on all these forums and the free video’s NACHI offers. Next month I’ll be joining and actually become a member!

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