Help with your basement leaks

Here you go - if you have a complaint from a customer who has experienced a basement leak and they claim you missed the crack (southern Ontario) I will help you.

The first thing you should always do is go to the customer and see what is happening and ensure they address the downpipes extending away from the house and not be buried underground, grading away from the house and proper window wells.

Should they have a crack in the poured concrete and you want to keep good customer relations and realtor relations give me a call and I can help you with a very reasonable crack injection repair.

I have some excellent negotiating ideas to help you keep the client happy and not cost you a lot of money. We have been doing the polyurethane crack injection since McGuinty jumped ship during the billion dollar Gas Plant scandal. Because that is when he was going to licence Home Inspectors.

This is a good home inspector to home inspector offer to help if you need it. Sorry but block foundations are not in our portfolio due to the need for extensive waterproofing.

Call me anytime 905-633-8219
Allan Spisak
ACISS Home & Commercial Inspection Consultants

PS - we do not fix houses we inspect.