Help you make it to your flight


Nice I wonder what they charge for an inspection.:cool:

Decided to apply for a job.
I like the benefits.

New TSA Slogan… Can’t see London, can’t see France, unless we see your underpants. :wink:

Joe, That’s Funny

Breaking… Cavity Searches Ruled Out, Says TSA Chief Pistole

Are you disappointed?

They should because of this.

I’m not flying anymore.

We have given up far too much freedom for no return.

Your government at work, now that November is history it appears you… own it. :roll:

Obama could stop it instantly so once again you are wrong.

Payback for November’s Election results no doubt, deal with it or don’t fly, either way it matters little to the Executive Office. :mrgreen:

I would be a lot less concerned if the only terrorist were bearded prehistoric cavemen. The TSA plans to expand these ‘‘security’’ measures to bus, train and ports next, then to court houses and sport events. Say no to check point Charlie.

Thank your new Congressmen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will this include churches and other religious gatherings?

One can only hope. :mrgreen:

I just returned from a trip to Orlando and didn’t encounter any body scanners or body searches.:frowning: Just the routine check-in.

You are so wrong. The new congressmen and senators only get sworn in in January. Your party and ohbummer are the owners of this mess. Wake up and smell the soiled TSA inspection gloves.

Own it you commie bastard. :stuck_out_tongue:

New TSA bumper stickers

If Bob shows up with that hat on… a scan may not be the only thing he gets.

BTW, I ordered a couple for client leave behinds. Did you ship?

I love it when you talk to yourself like that and even admit what you political leanings are. Oh, and by the way, don’t be afraid to own up to the fact that you screwed up. Maybe we can let you join your buddy ohbummer when he starts his reelection campaign traveling to the “57” states that comprise the USA (according to him).