Any one know how often a residental elevator needs to be inspected and certified by the weights and measures commission?

This is the second home this year with an elevator in it thet I have Inspected, and this question has came up both times. I know who inspects and certifies them but how offten is required?

Do any of you have a disclaimer that you use in your report that you could share?

Thanks for the help!

I am uncertain about residential lifts, but in California a commercial lift must be tested monthly (or as determined by the AHJ) and certified annually.

Sorry , it’s all I have.


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I do not inspect elevators, except to say that they work, then I defer them to an elevator company. I want no responsibility for a system that expensive that I might see once a year (or less)

I do inspected them either, but I would like to tell my clients how often they need certified. Even if you refer them to an elevator company the weights and measures commision has to certifiy them.