I can’t get this new laptop to work on my DSL wireless system. Any experts want to give me a quick (hopefully) helping hand.

I can barely get a normal computer to work with a land line, Sorry John

If it won’t start up, sometimes you can shut off both the DSL and the laptop, let it sit for about a minute or so, then turn the DSL back on. When all the lights have come back on except for the internet one, then turn the laptop on.

This should get it to work. If not, go to your connections and disable your hi-speed connection. Then re-enable it. This works sometimes also.

Good luck! What kind of laptop is it?

wendy - Didn’t work. Nice thought though. This is a HP dv90009us Notebook PC. A great little machine. Has a built in Camera, etc.
Windows VISTA Premium Ready.
1024MB System Memory.
100GB Hard Drive.
and much more.


Does it get an IP address?

Go to Start-Run-type in CMD, then in the window, type in IPCONFIG.

What are the results?


It shows two IP’s amongst a bunch of gobble-de-gook to me.

Click on thw wlan icon in the bottom right of your screen- if it is off, turn it on-

second click on the con for wireless connection
click on view wireless connections and then pick your connection- then simply attempt to connect to the internet-

Hope it works great!

most laptops are shipped with the wireless turned off.
You have to enter the bios setup mode during initial boot to turn it on.


Doesn’t the old saying go, you get what you pay for?
And my understanding is that you got it for free. ha. ha.

Marcel :wink:

PS. If I could help I would, but I can’t even figure out how to post a picture for darn sake.


On the HP’s, there is either a red light or a blue light that shows the wireless connection is turned on. According to the HP website, there is a button on either the front or side that will turn on the wireless connection. Once that is turned on, you should be fine. The light will be right above or below a little icon on the computer that looks like an antennae with a signal emanating from it.

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Flip the wireless switch to the “on” position dipsh!t! :smiley:


Is the software for dsl compatible for a Windows Vista operating system? Call your DSL support desk to find out. The number to your support desk should be listed in your users guide for DSL. Give me a call if you need more info.


I assume you do have a wireless router. If not, you need one. If so, check the documentation to figure out how to log into it. Usually, you type and ip address into your web browser. Once in, check the wireless settings and turn it on if it’s not. There may also be security settings that block any machines that you have not approved yet. After making changes, you may need to restart the router for the changes to take effect.

Once you get it working, you may want to go back in and change the security settings to keep unauthorized people out.

Ok everyone,

Here is the scoop. It is now working. It took a Verizon Technician to fix the problem. The router needed to be updated.

Thanks to Jeff Wortham and Patrick Carter for their expertise.

Your Welcome, John

John, was the tech like this one?