Hey guys I am having a brain fart what year did the six breaker rule take effect cannot find it in my scrap pile of info.

Thanks CB

If you mean the “six disconnecting means” rule, that has been around forever (almost).

Yes that is it but I too have been around for ever (almost) getting forgetful. I think that is a disease I seem to have in my mind around 1997 or 1998 right or wrong I hope pre 1997 that way I can keep my sanity.

The rule is in my 1962 code book so it has been around at least that long :slight_smile:

Don’t know the year but here’s some info if anyone needs it…

There is something known as the Rule of Sixes, which simply means that an electrical panel must be able to completely de-energize all branch circuits with the throw of a hand, or no more than 6 individual circuit breakers. This is the reason for main disconnecting fuses or breakers. If there are more than 6 breakers present in a panel, and the panel has no main disconnect fuse or breaker, it is considered a defect. Condominiums, homes, and apartments with the main disconnect on the exterior, do not require a main disconnect in the panel, as it can be disconnected at a main location before building entry.

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Thanks Mike, my gut feel was that it was an older requirement.



Got it thanks