Hey Guys!

I need the loan of a 36-40’ set of extension ladders, for an inspection I’m doing in downtown Toronto, tomorrow.If you are between Bowmanville, and central Toronto; I can pick them up on the way to the inspection.I’m doing a stacked triplex, and I cannot find out if there is access through the interior.The client has asked for specific information concerning the flat roof, that can only be determined by walking the roof.You can contact me on my cell at 416-912-0852, or email me at My home phone is 905-576-4337…leave a message.

Let’s see how the NACHI brotherhood works!..I’m really counting on your help.I will bring them back immediately after the inspection.


If you go to Google Earth you might be able to get an overhead look at the top of the building. This might show a hatch access to the roof.

Bill Mullen

Thanks Bill. I’ll try that.

Leave your home an hour earlier and rent one for a day.


Hey Bill!
Google earth is great, but it couldn’t get me close enough to see clearly. Thanks anyway.

Thanks for the tip,Rudolph!

If I had one, it would be yours for the day brother! You are welcome to use my 24’ anytime.

Thanks Mario! I have a 24ft, and others, as well, but funny enough; I loaned out my 40ft. a number of years ago, and it never came back! Roy Horton was good enough to lend me his, so I’m good to go!

Good news Harold!