Anyone have a B-CAM battery I can buy, beg, borrow or steal?

Battery number 1196398

Just got off the phone with FLIR and they have issues with their supplier…NO BATTERY…only have to wait at least 6 weeks for them to get their $HIT together…all the reps say they are scrambling to locate one…we’ll see

I’ll pay whatever and overnight shipping…because I have a half million sq.ft. industrial building to inspect, on the table, and 2 batteries won’t cut it for all of the electrical, H2O and roof systems…too much charge time involved

Thanks in advance


I will send you my spare.
No charge. Use it until you get another one.

Unless you tell me otherwise…I will ship it today to your address

ADAIR INSPECTION TREC#4563 1733 Goliad Dr Garland, TX 75042-4238

Thanks for the the offer and call John…I owe you a dinner or an adult beverage of your choice next time you’re up this way…I expect you to hold me to this

Professional equipment filled my order and will have battery to me before 11am tomorrow…Whoopie

better stock up now as it sounds like FLIR maybe down for a while…:roll: or you’ll know who to ask after tomorrow :wink:

See there’s another one of the benifits from the members of our association…how stand-up is that?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

What service!! You guys are awesome!!

Good luck with the job, Barry :slight_smile:


I have a vehicle-charger that typically charges my battery in less time that it takes to drain the other.

Have you purchased one of these yet, Barry?

Not yet, Jeff but I’ll be looking into this. Any good leads on where to pick one up?

Thanks also goes out to you for the phone assistance the other day. :wink:
As you can see this has turned into much more than we discussed.

I take out my spare battery, at every inspection, and recharge one of the two
at every chance. It is not a good feeling to be without a battery. I tried to
drag my AC adapter around one time, when my ONE battery went dead,
and damaged the connection on my IR camera… whoops.

Live and learn.


I just sent you a client for your area. He will call you shortly.
I told him you do good work.

Hey Jeff I keep one of those in my truck at all times bought it at radio shack greatest thing since slice bread charges my lap top, camera or what ever I need.
Hey Barry I just read your distress call sorry to be late but I have a B-cam that I am not even using would of gladely sent you the battery but it might have been pony express. Meat head you get in a bind like that again just give me a call that is what the phone is for it rings.

Hey Barry soory i got this late would have overnighted my spare for you to use. If you need next time feel free to call.

And this association ain’t worth $289.00 huh…wow, you guys are great…!!!

Mucho thanks go out to J-Mc and also to all others for the offers and info!

We be feeling the LOVE!!! 'specially from Charley, ain’t been called meat head since the '70s…I think

other Charlie thanks for the PM

I got mine from Professional Equipment, but apparently you can get one at Radio Shack as Charley did.

I couldn’t find a generic one that had the proper connection, so I got the one from PE, with built-in surge protection for $130 (?) or so.

Thanks Jeff, I’ll be looking once I get this job finished. I have things covered for now and will be taking advantage of the long weekend and start back on it Tues.