What about broan central a/c unit if its a high end or low end unit

There are quite a few helpful guys here that may be able to help you, Scott, but that really doesn’t give 'em much to go on. Can you be a little more specific? :slight_smile:

Yeah, what about them…Try their website, may help you find whatever your looking for.

I was asking does any body know about a broan central a/c unit if its a high end unit or a low end unit

I think he is asking if it is a good unit or a cheaper unit as far as quality goes.

I never heard of them before.

Broan 10-Year Parts Warranty and Quality Pledge.

Broan HVAC products combine innovation with reliability, and our warranty reflects our confidence in the resulting quality. Broan heating and cooling products offer one of the longest warranties in the business – 10 years on parts. Product registration is required for maximum warranty coverage.

Register Your Broan Warranty Download Full Broan Warranty Details
10-Year Parts Warranty: 10 years on all parts when product is registered. See warranty details for more information.
10-Year Quality Pledge: If the heat exchanger (the major component of your furnace) or the compressor (the most important part of your air conditioner or heat pump) fails within the first 10 years (when registered), or 5 years (not registered) we’ll replace the product with like product under the Broan Quality Pledge program.
Limited Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranty: When you register your new Broan furnace or gas/electric packaged system, we will also extend the heat exchanger warranty from 20 years to the limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty.
10-Year on Air Handlers & Coils: When you install and register your new Broan air handler or coil with your new Broan system, we will also extend the accessory warranty to the 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty.
Warranty Registration: To assure you take advantage of these longer warranties, register your Broan system within 60 days of installation (or within 60 days of occupancy of a new residentially constructed home with these products). See Broan Warranty Details for more information.
Extended Warranty Protection: Our manufacturer’s warranty covers parts, but not labor. Ask your Broan dealer for specific details on labor protection plans that can add on to your parts warranty for complete coverage.

Is a trane best of the best a/c unit

Is trane best of the best in central a/c units

Its not the unit that makes the system its the installer most have the same compressor or very similar

Charley I dont like that answer whats best for the buck

Wether you like it or not its the truth MFG have a top of the line and a bottom line take what you can afford and find a installer with references and go look at some of his installs most people can tell if a job is neat and clean professional looking

See other thread … you dont need multiple threads for the same thing

There is Trane-AmStan, Rheem-Ruud, Carrier-Bryant, Goodman-Janatrol get it?!

Goodman was crap. Now they have a new brand compressor (and other parts) which, a Charley pointed is the workhorse of the unit.

I have two 20yr old Carriers that wwont quit, but I won’t replace them with a Carrier (not this week anyway).

What is your point anyway?

Give us two selections and we can talk about them. I don’t have time to teach class here.

What is best for the buck is what you can afford at the time.

Which is better Ford or Chevy. They both make good and they both make crap.

Word your questions a bit better and you might get answers you like!!