The metal bar hanging down must be grounded to panel correct? The bar originates from the ground bus bar.

Looks like it fell off on one side.
Got a whole panel shot? (may need repair)(could fall and cause a fire)
Also I see they have tape around the double breaker conductors.
Guessing cloth covering?

Maybe re-identification of the white conductor…

They used tape on the wires.

Here u go.

I don’t see a main. Not the service equipment, and the bonding jumper was not completely removed.

Not sure what it is but it looks OK otherwise. The EGC’s and neutrals are separate and there is a 4 wire feeder.

So a loose hanging piece of metal (bond) in the panel does not bother you Robert?

Thanks for your response Bob.

Actually asking a question as Robert is a Electrician.

What Chad said??

“the bonding jumper was not completely removed”

Those ungrounded conductors look away too small for 20 Amp fuses IMO.
They look like #14 and should be #12

It’s probably bolted to the enclosure at the top so I don’t really see it as a major potential problem but yes it should have been removed. I did say otherwise meaning the rest of it looked OK. :slight_smile:

The bond strap that I have seen on CH panels was shaped more like a Z, not a flat bar.