Some time back, I read a post that I believe was on this forum. The contents were presented in a comical manner explaining what is required by a home inspector: knowledge, care, diligence etc. but the closing remarks were something like this: " all the while being observed and watched by the purchaser and the realtor" & something like: " in the time frame of a couple of hours"

The whole thing was well done and I would appreciate a copy of it if anyone remembers the post?


“A home inspection is a high-liability,in-depth, multi-disciplined technical analysis of the home conducted under adverse circumstances in front of a demanding audience, requiring the generation of an incredibly detailed
written report prepared in an unrealistically short time frame for an inconceivably low fee.”

That’s it! Thank you Juan, most appreciated.

I like it, I like it alot👍😄

I like that. might need to use it