Can anyone in the Ottawa area tell me the name of the Ottawa area company that repairs sealed (double pain) windows? They use that relatively new process that evacuates the area between the pains and removes the moisture causing the fogging.

Thanks! They have an Ottawa address at the bottom
They do not draw out the moisture they drill a small hole in the top corner and another in the Bottom corner . I did a home that had 18 of them done two years ago and the owner was happy . T
Roy Cooke

A company called Fog Free does this. should help.

Thanks guys! I have seen a number of these done around here and all seemed to be very happy with the results. I told a client about the process yesterday (four 6 X 6 picture windows) and they are going to give the company a call to see what can be done. ( I told them to leave it alone as they could save a bundle on drapes but the client is always right!!:mrgreen: )

My understanding is this does not last very long - the vacum starts leaking. The cost of this repair is quite expensive for the amount of time it last.

I’ve personally inspected homes that have been repaired and it was evident that they were still condensing in between the glass.

The ones I have seen work great and they give a life time garantee.
Look at their web site . Roy Cooke


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We may be talking about two different systems here. The one I have seen involves the installation of two tiny little valves top and bottom. Apparently these valves allow the window to breath or something. Anyway as Roy said they are guaranteed for life.

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