Helpful hint on the day

Good idea to look in the Dishwasher before turning it on:) :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget the oven also. :slight_smile:

Must be a little short on cabinet space.

I washed a High $ camera once… was on the top shelf. Owner HID it there, was afraid someone would steal it… Sure was clean though, :wink:

I see that all the time it’s amazing but if you’re short on cabinet space… while there’s a big empty space might as well use it

Here’s another hint always look in the oven before turning it people like to store plastic items in the oven sometimes too and that melts and stinks

Recently inspecting two new condo conversions. All new appliances. Both dishwashers had been run with manuals inside. Both had clogged drains. When the buyers agent talked to the seller, he said the inspector must have done it. The agent said “Wrong! I was standing right there when he opened them and found the mess.” Sometimes it can be very good to have a RE agent at the inspection.

First ‘oops’ lesson I had in this business. Seller had done a full remodel job, put in new appliances, etc.

I come thru turn on the burners, then the oven, turn my back and start in on the cabinets and sink. Starts to smell, turn back and see smoke coming out of the oven. Open it up, to a nice crisp burning manual on how to operate the oven. Just then the realtor walks in on me :shock:

I just had to smile and say I was testing to make sure my cooking wouldn’t set off the smoke detectors… Everyone laughed, and she has continued to use me for all her buyers.

On the other hand, I knew instinctively to check the dishwashers, funny!

Always turn the ports on the vacuum break to face into the sink. If the hose is plugged up, the overflow water will go into the sink.

If the home is occupied and the seller is present during the inspection and hangs on my shoulder frowning every time I write something down. I leave a large rubber band around the kitchen spray hose handle with the hose pointed straight out:) :slight_smile: </IMG></IMG>