Helping each other learn about Arc Flash

110.16 Flash Protection Field Marking](
Arcing Flash/Blast Review with Safety Suggestions for Design and Maintenance
Staged Tests Increase Awareness of Arc-Flash Hazards in Electrical Equipment
The Use Of Low Voltage Current Limiting Fuses To Reduce Arc Flash Energy
Using Current-Limiting Fuses to Reduce Hazards Due to Electrical Arc-Flashes

Thanks Joe

Yeah Joe…why not tell everyone how you RUN around blaming people for Copyright or if they post lets say another educators images when the person conviently does not remember they have permission…when in fact you do it all the time…What do ya think JOEBU?

You simply are amazing Joe…#1 reason I no longer assist NACHI members is because of Mr. JOEBU himself…One minute he is helping members and the next…stabbing them in the back for financial gain.

Classic…Flame away…I dont visit here much more anyway.

Paul, I’m putting you on timeout. :wink:

Punishing individual members for actions of someone they may not even know doesn’t seem reasonable IMHO.


Well it is primary reason anyway…Many members call me personlly for assistance and I assist them…beyond that I am leaving it to JoeBU and his buddies.

The guys that need my assistance know where to find me Nick.

OK, it is time to clean up your act and edit the flames out of this post and redo your signature!

Quote from your site:

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Sorry…I own my site…you dont own this one.


It’s Joe Tedesco, Right? Who’s JoeBU?


I want to thank you for all that you do for us who are NOT officially Sparkies.

  • You are and have ALWAYS been of great help to all of us!
    *]You have always been a Great Asset to NACHI.
    This is just one more example of what makes NACHI so great… Members helping Members!


I second that!


Thanks all!

I see Pierre Belarge, some guy I don’t know, Joe Tedesco, Mike Holt, and some other guy I don’t know. Where was I at that day? :mrgreen:

Big Charlie is on the right.

Lots of FREE info on this topic here and just like anyone else marketing they want your e-mail before it’s all free

**I am already banned from joining his forum, and when I called him at his office 1-804-441-2873, he hung up on me! **

An Error Has Occurred!
Error: Banning Notification. Sorry, you are banned from using this forum!

**If I call the number at his business some lady curses at me? **

**I think that there is a problem here, and I hope he reads the book “Lizard People by Charlie Price”. **

**I do wish him lots of luck and will look forward to reading his new electrical book when first published. **

**In the meantime, I think he is acting like a cry baby (with his signature line) and may have some problems, maybe personal ones. **

I hope that staying in the office instead of field inspecting in Richmond, VA hasn’t been difficult for him since the electricians complained about him and chased him because of his strange rules and understanding of the code!

From a very reliable source!

Google JOEBU it is really someone in this list!

PS: Go here and copy all of the electrical and other pictures you want give and credit to Nachi, and I am sure that there will be no problems, why I have many there too, go ahead and use them, some NACHI instructors already use many.