Here are HVAC Date Codes

Pretty good site.

Excellent site. Thanks for sharing.

I know your in Mexico but have you been living under a rock down there that site has been around since Mobey Dick was a minnow:shock::wink:

I just noticed there are two posts on the HVAC forum from inspectors (living under rocks?) looking for dates for systems that are listed on this site.
I’m living in a bungalow with a pool in the City of Eternal Spring! :cool:

Kenton that has been around for awhile 2-3 years at least . any how good posting it though still many questions about age so i guess not everyone had it

I agree you have lots of company under your rock Yall should git out more:p;-)

I gave out a little free information, I didn’t claim it was new. Under a rock? You know what that makes me?
(! :cool:

I was just jerking your chain*

Damn Kenton, I clicked on the link and got blasted. That site came in very handy last night.*