Here come the utility rate increases

Proposed 15% rate hike by KCPL electric for the greater KC area.

It does not matter how much energy any home owner conserves; they will not save money. Save energy, and the rates go up. Same with gasoline. Energy companies need to continually make a profit, and the only way to do that is to raise rates.

Energy audits may be a marketing tool, but saving money will not happen by any home owner. It does not make sense to spend $3K for a new HVAC system (when the one you have is just fine) to save $10 a month in energy costs, when in the long term, the rates will just increase, and no real savings will result.

Home owners who do not take measures to improve the energy performance of their homes can expect to be paying at least twice what they paid in 2010 by 2015.

Do nothing and pay more or invest in efficiency improvements and upgrades and try to break even.

Energy costs are increasing and there is nothing on the horizon to stop it. Turning off unused lights and using Energy Star rated appliances will not be enough.

This is why the energy efficiency of a home is now being calculated into its appraised value. The energy inefficient home will sell for less money and, some say, will be taxed at higher rates.

How about we invest in leadership that isn’t hellbent on raising the cost of energy.

I remember saying this in another energy thread, when Ben G. was promoting energy assesments.

Our new government wants us to save energy, so they can sell it to foreign nations, and for a huge profits, rebates, and buddy-fees.

A few years ago, gasoline was in the 20’s in top exports. It is now #1. Millions of barrels of refined petro products are being exported, the oil companies are raking in billions, and they raise our domestic prices.

Something here is not right.

Well, to the homeowner its about comfort and durability, saving money is a bonus.

So, we must than waste more energy to keep the rates down?!

Sounds like something OBAMA would come up with!

It’s the dirt people’s fault for the gas prices?


Oh boy, here we go again.


Obama is on record as desiring higher energy prices.

Get over it.

Yeah it probably has nothing to do with Global demand. Americans living in over sized homes. Americans going to work in over sized SUVs. Americans stepping in to their offices with over sized HVAC systems and over engineered lighting systems, etc, etc, etc.

I could of swore we proved in our last thread on this subject that we produced more oil last year than any year in the previous decade. What happened to that?

Sorry Michael, but the “its your fault, finger pointing generation” is much younger than you. One man cannot control it all, however free market capitalism keeps plugging away.

Have a non conspiracy theory site with a link to your “Obama is on the record as wanting higher energy prices”?


Sure it does.

What is Obama doing to increase supply?

-Decreased gulf drilling
-lowered number of permits issued on federal lands.
-refused pipeline project
-closes coal fired plants through regulations

Is youtube a conspiracy site?

and so much more.

Deal with reality Jason.:roll:

Vote Republican! :wink:

I hope that is enough but I have my doubts.

Well said Jason , We are in two of the best countries in the world .
We have too many who want more and give less .
Our Gas and Utilities are lower then many European countries.
Many Underground Services do not pay proper taxes .
We are going to pay higher taxes and higher prices for goods .
If we do not want to end up the way many other countries are then be prepared to pay the piper .
The USA can expect to have a Goods and Service tax like many other countries have to help pay for all the services the public demands .
Montreal drivers were hit with a 14-cent jump in the price of gas Tuesday – from an average of $1.30 per litre on Monday to $1.44. ($5.44 US Gallon )
This is the second sharp increase since early January.At that time, an energy consultant said the recent closure of a Shell refinery in the city was partly to blame for the price increase, as it reduced competition in the Montreal market.
CAA Quebec said that based on the market cost of gas and the average retail margin in Montreal, gas should be retailing for $1.39 per litre.


lol your first video he says “this (higher prices) is not a good thing”.

If I was really drunk and on shrooms maybe your second video says something about him liking higher energy prices.

“is Youtube a conspiracy theory site?” – HUH?

Lets rephrase your last question. Is Google a pro USA site or a pro Communist site? Keep in mind Google owns Youtube. Also keep in mind I can do searches that support both.

You can twist what you want as far as where the oil is coming from, but the fact is we produced more in the past 3 years than in any year in the previous decade. I am not getting back in to this with you and hi jacking this thread.

Here is the proof: - also shows future projections

Also keep in mind that the 2010 increase included the gulf oil spill shut downs.

The cost of oil is due to speculation as well as supply and demand. Do you honestly think if this man, or any president for that matter, had control over the world oil supply and demand curve they would even bother being president?


Has Gulf drilling been reopened fully Jason?

If you don’t believe the words coming out his his own mouth there is nothing I can say to convince you.

Did you happen to notice that his “fix” for higher energy prices was more help for people by giving them something.

Who pays for that?

You just refuse to admit that Obama is anti fossil fuel energy.

The increase in production is on privately held land not federally leased land. Get it?

February 29, 2012

Morning Bell: White House Wants to Keep Gas Prices High

Is the light coming on yet?

you are using the same arguement as your other thread about where the oil is drilled. It is now on less government land and on more private land. Okay, and your point? We still have produced more in any of the past three years than any year of the previous decade. I am actually happy it is off government land. On one foot you want big government out, until it doesn’t support your radical theories, then big government is okay I guess.

Your last post means nothing. Do you drive a car that gets 40+MPG? If so, then that is your choice. Do you drive a care that gets less than 20MPG? (I do). If so, then that is your choice. The free market determines supply and demand. If you are dumb enough, like me, to drive a horrible MPG car then you will pay.

Sorry but energy, food and other related consumables are not like technology…the price goes up over time. It always has. You act like you use to pay 5 cents a gallon at one time…heck maybe you did.

I am a free market capitalist. If you want everyone to have the same costs associated with everything and equal income you can move to North Korea.


What do you fail to understand about price vs. demand?

Don’t they teach that anymore?

Obama and his energy secretary want higher fossil fuel prices.

They are getting their wish.

Actually it is exactly as it should be.
Under socialism the government is the utility and price is controlled by them.
Under our form of government whatever it should be called today we have private enterprise that has a right to make a profit yet government must approve the profit…how confusing.

Government control almost sounds better but then we would have government controlling the smart meter (bet it cuts you off and turns you down in the future)…hmmm.

I can see why residential solar panels my get very popular soon.
Made in China of course.