"Here comes the rain again..."

Evacuations are starting in Orting…:shock::shock:


Wish you all the best. Just seen the mess on CNN.

Thanks. We had the same thing happen last year. However, the crazy part this time is that we didn’t even have much rain yesterday. The rivers flooded in a matter of hours.

Must be global warming. :wink:

Be safe.

Yeah, you people down in the valley are in for trouble. It has been raining heavily up here on the hill since 9pm last night and has not stopped. I have added over 14 inches of water in my pond since yesterday afternoon. Watch out Kevin, my trench is aimed towards Orting. :shock:

LOL I know. I’m heading out…

I hope for the best guy’s.

Don’t be brave, be safe. Good luck to you.

Bust out the boat & life jackets. Be safe gentlemen!