Here is a pretty good product to recommend.

Sounds good to me.

I registered.

Thanks Nick.

As did I…

Affiliate number 28 (apparently :smiley: )

I already caution every homeowner with laundry facilities on the second story to use reinforced supply hoses; I’ll add this to the statement and on site verbal debrief.

Just another solid piece of advice to offer your clients.



Thanks Nick. Just registered. Looks like a cool product. I need to go back to the website and do a little more reading. How does the device know whether there is a leak at the washer and not someone simply doing the laundry? Hmmmmmmmmmm…:-k

A ‘sensor strip’ is placed below the washer that connects to the controller which shuts off the valves.

Appears to work that way by the spec sheets at the website…:wink:

Hi guys,
This is Scott Walter and I’m the one who developed the FloodStop products after my wife and I had a flood in 1999.
I wanted to introduce myself and invite anyone who has any questions about the products to feel free to ask, either here or on the phone, I’m happy to help in any way I can.
We’ve sold nearly 100,000 units of FloodStop through the plumbing industry, but I’ve always felt that the affiliate program like the one we’ve created here would work better.

I don’t want to take advantage of the board here and try to sell you on the products, but I will say that they work very well and people are glad to have them in their homes.

We would love to have you guys involved and I look forward to working with you.

Sounds like a great product! I’m curious to prices. I couldn’t find them on the website. Is the only way to buy one of the products is through a distributor? Or can you buy them online?

Good product for condos

Here is a link to the 10% off prices that affiliates give to their customers.

Here is the link if you want to sign up and earn 24% of the sales.


This looks to me to be a not bad product You could put this on the incomming water line to your home and unit on Basement floor for full basement protection . **FS3/4NPT]( **
FloodStop for Water Heater w/ 3/4" NPT fitting.
$105.99 $95.39

You are exactly right, people do that very thing with this system. They install the valve that would normally go on the water heater (Full port, zero flow restriction) on the main and then use the additional water sensors to wire throughout the home.
The only issue with this is that it may be harder to do in homes without basements.

We are going to have a wireless whole house system in a month or two that will come with 4 wireless sensors and a 1" valve. It will cost about $350 but will also be included on the affiliate pages with a 10% discount. Our closest competitor for that product offers 3 sensors and a price of about $450.


In my area of Canada about 95% of homes have basements .
Thanks for the info .
Some thing else to look into might be a water powered sump pump .
I have one and it is a great back for those on town water . It works great in a power outage .
Saved the day once that paid for it forever Cost about $80:00 Canadian funds 70:00 US

Just curious can you trust someone with two first names. Scott & Walter??:slight_smile: Sounds like a good product:p Welcome aboard

I get that a lot!

Thanks for the compliment on the product, we’ve really worked hard to make a product that does a really good service.

I signed up after watching the video. Check out my ICE HOUSE pics for marketing FloodStop on my website.

Here is their new site:

You should include this one…

Ya think AAA will get these cars going?