Here is another marketing piece. InterNACHI actually does this for home shows but...

… you might want to hook up a 12V RV fridge in the back of your truck on hot days and fill it with your own labeled water to give out to those who attend the inspection. Private labeling of water bottles is not expensive.

Great idea Nick. We use coozies to put over the water bottles. This way the water stays cold and they can set it on tables without leaving rings and hopefully they take them home and use them time and again. Just another idea…

I’ll be bringing a few cases to next week.

Where are you getting the water from?

Eldorado bottling. But every town has a water bottling company. Jesse can help you make a custom label to their specs.

This is a marketing idea? It looks a lot more like common courtesy to me.

I would like to see how guys do with it. I question putting money into something people are just going to throw away.

But it wouldn’t be the first good idea that I didn’t jump on.:shock:

It is going to customers who have already agreed to purchase your services, so looking at it in that light, there is not much marketing benefit. It is more of just another way of getting agents and your existing client (both may refer you in the future) who might attend the inspection to remember the experience as positive.

Now that is a great Idea !!!:roll:


Make them on your own printer I take it Nick. Yes great idea.
Just bought a Brother A8500LPUS. Dam nice machine.
5 bolts of paper with the cartilages in the box.2500 pieces of print in color.

Yes Russ. Great idea.

Nick is very right on this. I don’t have a custom label, but I do carry cheap bottled water bought in bulk (16 oz. = 15 cents ea.). Often, agents and your customers run out the door to make it on time, err, late. This time of year esp., offering a cold water to your customers/referral source is priceless, esp. if they have been following you around in the hot sun! This makes for a very positive experience–who would fill out the customer survey form bad if you did everything right plus this?

Around here it’s all 4closures bank owned so no furniture, no worries. No wiping dirty, wet shoes. You’re more concerned with dodging the Herman Munster House sized cobwebs at the ext doors. If your shoes get really bad, dip them in the frog-pond pool b4 you get in the truck to leave…

I use the coozies to toss into the realtor audience during presentations to reward active participation and keep it lively. They are too expensive to give to Customers.