Here it comes, I warned you...

about what Obama is and who and also his true goals concerning America. For those who still cqnnot see what is happening, he’s is bankrupting us, weakening the Military, seizing control of businesses, allowing illegal aliens who have no concern about our welfare or who honor our values, will attempt to disarm us with gun control, they are already destroying ammunition, he is reaching out to our enemies, to make deals, has already spent more money than all of our presidents put together since Washington, is replacing democracy with socialism, and is practicing racism. please pay attention to the last paragraph on the first page, where it explains the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood and how they plan to accomplish it. Then notice the offshoot,(MSA) that his chosen appointee belongs to. if you love your country and way of life that America offers, then you better wake up because you are loosing it. Don’t take my word for it! Study the man’s past, hear what he says, look at his mentor’s and hear their words and goals, then look and listen to what has taken place since he has been in office! Then use your brains and add it all up! My God people, wake up!!! :shock:

Yeah but he’s a great speaker!:roll::stuck_out_tongue:

We are now apologist as well! Hillary in Mexico for example. :twisted:

Should be very interesting going forward!

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Sheesh, somebody is drinking the GOP Kool Aide like its cold water in a hot desert … :shock:

it is pretty bad when people like kevin cannot even recognize it, when it is happening right in front of their face! Everything I said is not my opnion or anyone elses for that matter, it is current events that are being done in the publics view, not even hidden. Yet fools like kevin try to make it look like I am some kind of nut job or racist, if I point it out. I don’t have pity on his kind,(they deserve it) but I am worried about his kids,(obviously more than he is) people like Hilliary that support this, prove how far they will go for power. This is more than just differences between conservatives and liberals, this is about our way of life! The only good I can see coming out of this is it may solve the immigration issue once and for all…oh sure, they will still need to build border fences…to keep people in, like Russia and China! Did you hear that leader yesterday when he said,"Our global finacial troubles are the blue eyed…blond haired peoples fault! :roll: What was that other slogan he used during his campaign, “I will unite the people” Well at least he kept his promise on that one…the only probllem is…they are united against,“WHITEY” :mrgreen:

You never watch the news hunh? :roll:

Aw…what the heck Nick, you caught me again, I just made it all up, but you have to admit…pretty good how I got CNN to go along with me, hunh? :mrgreen:

Why is this open for the public to read and not in the members only?

Kenn is trying to warn the whole word. :roll::roll:

Because he stayed at holiday inn LOL

Well this is the best place to start. :shock: :stuck_out_tongue:

I never knew that your radical right slant on the news was the truth. I guess I have a lot to learn. :shock: