Here kitty kitty

Not an ordinary request but it paid well

Wow, lucky kitty, glad you found it, three weeks is a long time to be missing, I hope the cat is well after it’s ordeal.

Great publicity! Congratulations.

Perhaps you and Jim Seffrin can co-author a standard for Thermal Imaging for Locating Missing Critters :wink:

We could call it the “Kitty-Cam”

Where were you 30 years ago when my then girlfriends brothers boa went missing for a few months?:mrgreen: He showed up several months later.

Did you advise your client about the possibility of fecal matter in the walls? There is another service!


Congratulations on a job well done! Yours is a fine example of how ‘thinking outside the box’ provides a happy ending for all concerned.


Such a standard has already been published and is available from Infraspection Institute. Originally designed for Pest Management and Critter Control Professionals (no offense, Dusty!), the Standard for Infrared Inspections to Detect Pests and Pest Related Damage](, covers several methods for locating small to large size creatures and/or the damage they cause.

Copies of the standard in PDF format are available from the Infraspection Online Store.

Aren’t snakes cold blooded? That might have made it considerably harder to find it!

After having a bit of an obsession about watching hoarders on A&E recently I have seen a lot with animal problems, I wouldn’t want to go near some of those homes… The fecal matter in the walls is the least of their problems.

Good Job Peter! Nicely done and a nice story too! Great marketing for your services

So are frogs… :wink:

Thats cool… :slight_smile:


and toads…

God my skins crawling even when they are infrared! You want to hear me scream when I encounter one of them things! Urghh~~~~~~

So (and thanks for the link Eric) since their body temp is somewhere around room temperature, then I guess finding them in wall cavities would be difficult. I’m really interested in infrared right now, so I am enjoying seeing the different ways that you guys are able to use this. I loved the building science course with Will Decker.