Here what you have to do to get listed for free on

Nothing… if you are a NACHI member, you are already listed.

NACHI, with over 1,000 membership benefits it really isn’t a trade association… it’s an I.Q. Test.


for this…how do I get it to pull me up for other areas besides just Brinnon? Brinnon is minimum 35-45 miles from any city, so when I type in any of the major cities that I service, nothing comes up.

Help. :wink:

Do you have those zip codes entered in your control panel?


Yes, I have all the other zips in the control panel. I should be coming up for all of them, but I’m just coming up for my home town.

Not all NACHI members are on there. Me for example. Not that I care since I’m not a Home Inspector or even remotely qualified to conduct a home inspection but other members might want to put their zip codes in to see if they are listed.

If I key in my zip code and ask for an exact match…I come up about 80th or 90th…behind a bunch of NACHI members that I know don’t live in my zip.

I’m the only inspector with any organization that lives in my zip code. I’ve noticed this on a lot of NACHI search sites.