Here's a certification that means something...

Certified Master Inspector](

[size=2]…and with a professional designation like that, who needs certifications?

At least I got your attention Nick. That was the main reason for my post…:slight_smile:

They do ask the Dumbest Questions here on the Message Board that is for sure.

Sad but true.

Are you not seeing some of the questioning and/or derision directed at this designation by some of the HI’s with personal integrity? Or do you choose to ignore them? SAD!! SAD!! SAD!!


Sheesh, Linus!! I didn’t think we could ever agree so closely on anything here!!

Ok now there is CMI now what?..thats it? The pinacle for inspectors?

The Pinnacle is the Paycheck. :smiley:

Yes. The pinnacle.

Even Brian is unable to explain why he believes CMI is a marketing gimmick as opposed to a true professional designation… so it must be a certification that means something.

O well that sucks…

If you think we should add to or increase the requirements to be awarded the Certified Master Inspector professional designation… speak up. John and I are all ears.

I just do not see that as fair to others close to getting their certification. How about another level? How about several levels. Like Senior CMI…and then make it 5000 inspections 10 years in business and 5 reports to 3 other CMI for a peer review. I am just throwing numbers out there. Because I actually meet this :). But what about like CMI mentor…where you take a newbie under your wing and help them along and so many hours of helping can give you that designation. How about writing classes and have them submitted to NACHI for review and after 10 written classes they can be CMI Educator certified. Serve on a NACHI board for at least one year…

I am just throwing things out. Hate to compare it, but like a boy scout badges. Then after to complete ALL of these steps and MORE then make them something compared to EAGLE scout.

Somehow, in my somewhat dim thinking, tweaking something around seems to deflate it’s credibility and stability.

I better print out an app if I ever decide to fill it out :slight_smile: / Before the req’s change…

When someone is in a business for only 3 years and may only have done 3-600 inspections plus some CEU’s / other acceptable training…and no one verifies that (1) their reports meet any SOP, (2) they have not had any significant complaints/suits against them, (3) their actual inspection knowledge and reports truly represent the houses they inspect…the above to myself is way below any standards that a master should have attain to earn that designation!

How about 8-10 years plus 2000 inspections and at least equivalent training to 300 CEU’s including training given by the inspector…that would be my minimum but 3 years…LOL!!! A true professional designation…LOL!!

It has been said on these boards by others/members that it is a marketing gimmick…I did not coin that phrase.

Could you explain why CMI standards are so low? Be truthful and don’t be afraid to offend members!

I dont need a new badge to feel good about myself.

Well first of all its not a badge, its a level of accomplishment. But then again aren’t you the guy who does this for spending money?

People are driven, yearn for a sense of accomplishment and feel they want to continually do better while striving for something. I am one of those people. I love GOALS. I love it when I set a goal and then work my hardest to achieve the goal. Why not have a level of inspector that few can achieve and others yearn for and work hard to obtain?

This is your part time gig, some of us actually have people who count on us to put food in their mouths and make their mortgage payments. I take that very serious. I love this profession and I mean LOVE it. I like the challenges it provides, the people you meet, the extremely wide range of talents you must possess to be good at it.

What I like the very most is that each and every employee I have LOVES my company. If you don’t believe me call my phone number and ask questions. Shelly or Kim will convince you we are the best. BAR NONE. My employees are the best BAR NONE and I love it.

Why become a CMI? Because I CAN…Can you say the same thing?

Preach on my brother!!!

It’s simply a right of passage for those who hung in long enough to make the destination, for me it is now just a reflection in my rear view mirror. :wink:

I certainly plan to become one and respect those who have achieved CMI status

I hear ya Joe…it is also in mine. But whats next? I sure don’t need another set of initials after my name. Do you have any ideas? I love seeing young people get excited about our profession. They should have goals to obtain and CMI is good, but it needs to be better, more difficult and I think it needs to be peer inspected, BOARD approved and validated. Exactly how…I dunno…I guess thats what these boards are for.

It is sad that people want MORE…Not MORE as in stuff, but more as in challenges. I just found out a person here has another organization and I became a member of it. Not because NACHI sucks, but it does not CHALLENGE me enough. Its something new and the guy running it LISTENS to people.

Is it so bad people want more challenges? To be pushed to the limit and then say with absolute pride their accomplishment without any sneers of "WOW online testing…who did the test for you?..Or NO TEST NEEDED, they suck. Why not remove all DOUBT and do it right? I actually know the answer, $$$$$$. Who knows? All ideas are welcomed I would love to learn how this can be done and done the best way possible.

Here are some of my ideas

  1. Peer evaluation
  2. Certain amount of years and inspections performed
  3. Large amount of CE’s
  4. EVERYTHING verified…not just sign and drive
  5. Tiers or different identifiers or levels…

Help out anything else?. What would you like to see?