Here's a first......

TV cable wire double tapped, connecting two breakers together. :smiley:

Gotta love flip contractors!



What do you expect in NY the capital that all action TV movies come from.LOL
Yes that is right IRON MAN too!

Beside being wrong, I wonder what “they” thought this would accomplish?

The bottom CB looks tripped. That will keep you from resetting it :roll:.

Like that in both panels - the insulation was melted in the cable.

That’s what happens when you put 220 VAC through a small gauge wire. :roll:

Mike, I wondered if anyone would realize that.

Well I hope most here would.:shock:

It has nothing to do with the voltage. This jumper created a dead short between the two hot legs.

BTW, it is 240, not 220.

But they still have power to the circuit via the coax so everything must be OK:shock:

Really unbelievable. Absolutely no purpose… If one of the breakers wouldn’t reset why wouldn’t you just double tap the breaker (temporary of course) rather than throw an inferior section of wire into the mix. What a jackass.