Here's an engineer who 'thinks' he has the solutions to leaky basements

Truly amazing. May 2013 and MANY still don’t friggin ‘get it’.
All due respect and all that other shtt but Jesus Kristmas Mr Rick Koller sir, your wrong on this subject.

Solutions? ](,)](,)](*,)
He says(yet another), about 90% of ALL causes of water leaking into the basement is due to clogged gutters etc…nonsense.

Your zeroing in on the downspout/roof–water, eh, what about the water (umm aka rain) that falls out of the sky and friggin lands on-around that sidewalk/concrete and just off–away from the concrete and goes into the soil,all around the dang house and goes…underground and then goes where the fc it wants including back towards the basement wall UNDER the g dang concrete (which is umm also under-below the stooopid gutters).

Seems many FORGET about this little thing :mrgreen:, the OTHER bunch of water!

Since you used concrete,sidewalk in video and mention gutters n shtt, here ya go sir…here’s very similar examples and EXACTLY why your wrong and 90% of all leaky basements is not due to clogged gutters n shttt.
Ehhhhh, how LONG is this downspout extension which ummm, is not clogged.
Click each picture to enlarge and use the dumb az ARROW in middle/on right of each pic to forward or just click each stoopid pic.

This senior woman was told by a city inspector to do that,extend downspout to front and that it would solve her leaky basement…jesus, bullshttt. Waste of time n money as usual.

She also had the edge of driveway and house caulked #-o

The basement did NOT leak/seep due to clogged gutters and other nonsense. It leaked because there were exterior cracks etc where water easily got into the blocks and eventually came out in the basement at-along the bottom of basement wall and flooooooooor!

Find the REAL, the actual problem(S) and fix them correctly…period!

You want to extend downspout extensions 8 miles away…fine!
But that’s not WHY the dang basement leaks! Jesus, when will they lisetn,learn. Many keep writing and yapping about the same NONSENSE…it IS incompetence on this subject, yes it is!

Here’s another (how many do some need to eyeball). Grosse Pointe Woods MI…block basement wall, it leaked in middle of this side wall and came in basement,onto floor ONLY at–along the bottom of wall and floor.
Concrete…lots of concrete. How much concrete do you wanna pour? :-k
This is fcg ridiculous nonsense! And is there a clogged gutter somewhere?
They also tarred/caulked along the edge of house n driveway.
Look at the photos and LEARN how-why-where the water entered and the ONLY SOLUTION for it.

Here’s yet another…GPW again. NEW DRIVEWAY was poured, $7,000 ish for that. They also sealed/tarred along house/driveway…and? loLOlOlll
Any clogged downspout extensions here? No. None of that shtt.

Get your MELONS OFF that way of thinking for Krsit sake, your wrong!
And in any courtroom with a judge that has a few cents upstairs, you’ll be wrong there too.

How many do some need to look at? Here’s another, Eastpointe MI
Slabs all pitch away, no stoopid gutter or downspout problem.
90% my stinky az!
LOOK at each photo. Take a few minutes and LEARN something so you don’t mislead/screw over another homeowner!!!
What do ya see in these photos?
What was ‘the solution’?

Ya know g dammmmmmit, i don’t have 10,20,50+ BBB/other homeowner complaints just within the last 3 years like quite a few inside system companies do.
These basements don’t leak anymore because the actual problems were diagnosed and then fixed correcty…got that??? I, Mark Anderson aka Johnny the Milkman Bubber is right on this subject, your wrong.

Beautiful bikini girl interviewed by a pervert…‘all i’m asking for is like…a nipple’ (Bubba would like ta find out where this apartment complex is…got milk?)

I’ll second that! Water does find a way…

Didn’t someone suggest washing a car from the inside? Would seem to be a good comparison. :smiley:

Good work Mark (john)

:wink: Car…eh Mr Tim, hope your doing good man.

Or what about a leaky ROOF,should leaky roofs be fixed on the INSIDE? :mrgreen:
Maybe put some drain tile and a sump pump in the attic, that should do it huh.