Here's another contractor con in Michigan, what a penis!

we see shtt like this pretty often, from supposed waterproofing guru’s to concrete terds and moron builders n so on

no builders license, no D license lol, but apparently since Cornie lives in the 'hood n did some previous small repairs, stOOPid bullsht, the usual, some homeowners are begging to get screwed, just saying.

Cornie really knows how to swing a sledge hammer eh

Better business bureau (not really eh) lists 2 complaints on Cornie versus 30 homeowner complaints (at least pfttt) on Foundation systems of Michigan. The BBB gives Corn-head a ‘C’ rating and gives Foundation systems of Mich an A+, lolol BBB is a joke

if you have any extra drugs or alcohol you don’t need, please send to Corn ho, also goes by ‘Artisan Remodeling’


What a shame to imitate all the good contractors out there… :-1:


Give him a break. He said he intended on doing the work and he feels really bad about it and he’s lost sleep at night and he had COVID and he is a recovering alcoholic and…….

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how about thse 2… habitual offender yet still scamming, got $14,000 from senior woman Francine/kitchen, the bit h GF or wife whoever gets probation lol, then the BBB has nothing on thse 2, no complaints no warning to gen-public

0 complaints, NUTtin

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