HERS Rater needed in Philadephia

I am looking for a HERS Rater or a field technician with a blower door, duct blaster, and a desire to work in or near Philly. Please e-mail me at brad@procraftinspections.com for more information.


wow, seen a few of these over the past few days. Hopefully a sign of things to come.

Jason Kaylor – JJ
VP of Specialty Products
AC Tool Supply](http://www.aikencolon.com/)
Energy Auditors
Philadelphia Infrared Thermal Imaging](http://www.aikencolon.com/JJ-McGcGucking-Consultants_ep_105-1.html)
Bacharach Fyrite Insight](http://www.aikencolon.com/bacharach-fyrite-insight-combustion-analyzers.html)
Fluke 1735](http://www.aikencolon.com/fluke-1735-3-phase-power-logger.html)

I have a lead to keep someone very busy in Philly, no joke!

Bump! Is there really no HERS Rater in Philadelphia? I have a fantastic opportunity for anyone with a blower door, duct blaster and a desire to work. If you are not a HERS rater, you can be a field technician and still get the work.

Come on guys, don’t make drive up to Philly :twisted: